2022 Tai Chi & Health Qigong Expert Lecture Series Ⅱ

Now, we are honored to have Professor Lei Bin on Friday, June 17th, at 8:00pm, to give us the third lecture in the Tai Chi and Health Qigong Expert Series of 2022.

Topic: The introduction of Da Wu 

Time: June 17, 2021 08:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)Zoom Virtual Class

If you would like to join the seminar now, you can click HERE to register, the fee is $55 per lecture, and we will have two more seminars on different topics in September and December. Now you can attend both lectures for only $90.If you have already registered and paid the fee, then you do not need to register again. We will email you the ID and password for Friday’s lecture on Wednesday.

About Professor Lei Bin:

Lei Bin, Associate professor, Master supervisor, School of Martial Arts, Wuhan University of Physical Education; Member of China Fitness Qigong Association; The world-class fitness Qigong judge is the main creator of fitness Qigong, Yi Jin Jing Ming Mu Gong (Adult edition), and the director of fitness Qigong, Da Wu Fitness Qigong and 24 Solar terms.

He has been to France, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, THE United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Slovenia, Serbia, Thailand and other countries and regions to give fitness qigong lectures, and trained a large number of fitness qigong coaches and referees to edit and participate in the editing of 12 textbooks. He has been studying Wudang Tai Chi and Wudang Dan Dao for a long time. In 1990, he put forward the concept of State energy boxing and created Yang Ecological energy boxing. Six research papers were selected for the Scientific Olympiad.