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The Tai Chi Qigong Association of America (TCQGAA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of professionals that is dedicated to the promotion of Tai Chi, Wushu and Health Qigong in the US and related cultural exchanges among countries, through organizing and coordinating teaching classes, training workshops, research forums, competitions, public expositions and other activities among various Tai Chi, Wushu and Health Qigong groups.


The TCQGAA initiated and organizes the annual Tai Chi Tournament of New York (every May) and the annual Tai Chi & Health Qigong Day events (every October) jointly with Sing Tao Daily newspaper. It holds training workshops and ranking tests for coaches and judges of Tai Chi and Health Qigong, and provides professionally trained and certified coaches for related organizations and judges for related tournaments. It offers various activities for the communties and the public to promote Tai Chi, Wushu, Health Qigong, and the holistic approach of healthy living. In 2017, the Association successfully coordinated the activity week of the First Health Qigong Day of the World for the International Health Qigong Federation, and cordinated the promotional demos and activities of the Chinese Wushu Champion Delegation at the United Nations and the Time Square.


The TCQGAA membership is open to both individuals and groups. Members of the Association are given priorities in receiving technical guidance and consulting services of the association, given prioritiesin participating the activities of the association such as training workshops, performances, competitions, cultural and research exchanges with discounted rates. All board members and committee members are volunteers who donate their time and services to the Association. Welcome all to join the Association, and to spread the teaching and practice of Tai Chi, Wushu and Health Qigong together.