Tai Chi Youth Group

Tai Chi Youth Group Performance

We are the Tai Chi Youth Group, a non-profit organization consisting of motivated athletes from Sitan Tai Chi and Martial Arts. Our members have one thing in common: a strong passion for martial arts. Every week, our members are committing large amounts of their time towards practicing and improving in this sport.

We have performed at many events, including the 2021 Time Square NYE Ball Drop, the UN, parks, cultural events, and schools. Last year, our members competed at the Pan American competition in Brazil as well as the World Junior Wushu Championships in Indonesia. This year, we have also competed at the National Team Trial competition in Lubbock, Texas as well as the Pan American Kung Fu Championships in Toronto.

Aside from competing, we are also focusing on promoting community engagement. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have hosted multiple online workout sessions when gyms were still closed. Through our social media platforms, we have been creating content to share our passion for martial arts while also encouraging culture exchange. 

Currently, we are planning to organize workshops at libraries, parks, and senior centers! We have organized various events to celebrate martial arts-related festivals and are excited to take on new opportunities.

In order to host larger events and have a greater impact on the community, we need YOUR support! You can help us by contributing to our fundraising goal here, or by following us on Instagram here!

Contact Information:
Instagram: @taichiyouthgroup
Gofundme: Tai Chi Youth Group
Gmail: [email protected]