Our Celebration of World Wushu and Kungfu Day! (8/12)

On Saturday, August 12th, Tai Chi Youth Group members hosted an event in celebration of World Wushu and Kungfu Day (WWKD). This event was held in the afternoon at Syosset Woodbury Park.

Our performance included nearly 20 routines done by our athletes, including barehand, sword, broadsword, staff, and three-segment nunchucks. In addition to individual sets, we led taichi routines that gave the audience an opportunity to participate and learn!

On that day, we also collaborated with KungfuTea (@kungfutea_syosset)! Anyone who mentioned World Wushu and Kungfu Day got a discount on their purchase.

It was a lot of fun to celebrate, and we hope to see you there again next year!

Get Ready for our World Wushu-Kungfu Day Celebration! (8/12)

Saturday, August 12, is World Wushu-Kungfu Day, a special day for everyone of all ages to come together in to practice and support this amazing art. Chinese martial arts has millions of practitioners in countries all across the globe! You should join us to celebrate! Hope to see you there!

Tai Chi Youth Group, a non-profit organization consisting of students passionate about Chinese martial arts, will be proudly organizing this event.

Our Performance at Long Island Chinese American Night (7/15)

On Saturday July 15, residents on Long Island celebrated Chinese American Night. This event was held during the evening, in Eisenhower Park’s Lakeside Theater. Chinese American Night is hosted annually, and always has an audience of hundreds. The event included a series of performances that celebrate Chinese culture, including lion dancing, face changing, acrobatics, yoyo, traditional instrument orchestras, and several other Chinese arts. 

At that event, the Tai Chi Youth Group performed twice. Our athletes showcased their skills in kung fu and tai chi–through a variety of weapons and routines, such as spear, double straight sword, and tai chi fan. Performers include Master Sitan Chen, the ”Prince of Tai Chi” in China, and Alan Huang, a 17 year-old athlete qualified for the 2023 World Wushu Championships. This year’s event was a major success, as both performers and audience members alike look forward to next year’s Chinese American Night!

Our Team Competes at the National Team Trials (5/27-5/29)

This May, Tai Chi Youth Group members and athletes form Sitan Tai Chi and Martial Arts competed at the National Team Trials, National Ranking, and National Championship in Lubbock, Texas. Several of our members won medals in their respective events, including Ethan Yip, Katie Yan, Victor Huang, Maggie Chen, Alice Chen, Brendon Lo, and Emma Chai! Additionally, our group’s advisor, Alan Huang, is qualified for the World Wushu Championship, which will take place this November.