Our Celebration of the Moon Festival! (10/1)

Yesterday evening, on October 1st, Tai Chi Youth Group performed at the Moon Festival at Eisenhower Park to celebrate the special day! Hundreds of audience members sat outside Eisenhower Park’s Lakeside Theater to watch a series of performances done by various troupes to present the richness of Chinese culture.

20 of our amazing athletes participated in our elaborate performance. They demonstrated their skill through a variety of routines, including barehand, broadsword, sword, staff, and taichi.

After our performance, we participated in celebratory activities, enjoying delicious moon cakes and decorating lanterns to be released in Salisbury lake.

We’d like to thank the organizers for inviting us and our team to participate in this excellent event and to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with the community.

中秋节快乐!(Happy Moon Festival!)

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