Our Celebration of World Wushu and Kungfu Day! (8/12)

On Saturday, August 12th, Tai Chi Youth Group members hosted an event in celebration of World Wushu and Kungfu Day (WWKD). This event was held in the afternoon at Syosset Woodbury Park.

Our performance included nearly 20 routines done by our athletes, including barehand, sword, broadsword, staff, and three-segment nunchucks. In addition to individual sets, we led taichi routines that gave the audience an opportunity to participate and learn!

On that day, we also collaborated with KungfuTea (@kungfutea_syosset)! Anyone who mentioned World Wushu and Kungfu Day got a discount on their purchase.

It was a lot of fun to celebrate, and we hope to see you there again next year!

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